Do you need to rent your home, condo, town home or investment property?

Your request for me to list your home is something I take very seriously. My goal will always be to get you the best price and terms for your rental property while trying my best to minimize the potential “wear and tear” your property may go through during the rental process. My office is always open for a free “meet and greet” to discuss your properties rental worth and how I can get it rented for you!! Providing you with comprehensive, high-quality listing service is my top priority. So when you decide to sell your home, please contact me and let’s get started!

Commission structures – I often get asked the question – What is the commission paid to you should you rent my property? The answer is either 10% of the gross annual lease or the first months’ rent.

Example: Your condo rents for $1000.00 with a 10% commission based on the gross annual rent.

$1000.00 x 12 = $12, 000.00 gross annual rent

$12,000.00 x 10% = $1200 – total commission

If your condo rents for $1000.00 and the commission is the first months’ rent then $1000.00 will be the total commission.

If the property is listed on the MLS and another realtor brings someone to the table then the above total commissions will simply be split between both companies. Very simple!!

Prior to listing on MLS – Prior to marketing the property on the MLS, we will execute an “Exclusive Right of Rental Listing” to establish certain terms such as the list price, showing instructions and yes – the commission(s) paid. We will also establish a total time frame for which the listing agreement will run. I normally structure it in 90 day increments with any party allowed to cancel  – for any reason – with no compensation, fee’s or penalties due to either party whatsoever.

Landlord’s duty to disclose – This primarily deals with properties built prior to 1978 that will require a Lead Based Paint Disclosure. I will ensure this is done properly and according to HUD guidelines.

I look forward to assisting you!!