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The Rental markets for Coconut Grove, Coral Gables & Brickell  

The rental market in the Coconut Grove, Coral Gables & Brickell areas at this time is very strong. There is a strong demand as well!! The very central nature of all three is the most important factor in my opinion. All three areas allow for ease of access to all major roads and highways for your traveling pleasure.  

Coconut Grove - The rental market in "The Grove" is always consistent. We have seen a steady rise in rental rates over the past 10 years or so. The average price for a 3 bedroom townhouse rental in center Coconut Grove (for example) will run you about $3500.00 at this time. The average price for a decent one bedroom condo will run you about $1600.00 on the low end. Single family homes are available for rent as well in north & south Coconut Grove. The low end for something basic will run you $3200.00 up to (and over) $5500.00 for something a little more elaborate and luxurious. 

Coral Gables - The rental rates for the Gables are quite similar to that of Coconut Grove. A decent 1 bedroom in a newly constructed building will run you $1600.00 on the low end. The Gables has a plethora of older (mom & pop) "garden style" buildings where you can easily find 1 bedroom inventory from $1100.00 to $1400.00....so...a little something for everyone!! A decent 2 bedroom (with upgrades & amenities) will start off around the $2000.00 price point. Single family homes dominate the landscape for the most part. At this writing, the least expensive 3 bedroom home for rent is listed for $2850.00 whereas the least expensive 2 bedroom at this time is listed for $3100.00.            

Brickell - The rental market in Brickell is steady at this time. The area is dominated by hi-rise condominiums and rental buildings for the most part. There are a few town home communities in the Brickell West area as well as a large residential area called "The Roads" to the west. You can easily find a "handful" of decent 1 bedroom condominiums starting in the $1600.00 price range. And I mean only a handful. The inventory really starts to pick up in the $1700.00 price point and can skyrocket from there depending on the individual building. The lower price point of the market will have you finding buildings older in nature or towards Brickell West or The Roads area as mentioned above. That does not mean you will give up quality or location by any means. For newer construction like ICON Brickell (great location & amenities) the one bedrooms will start off around the $2000.00 price point and go up from there.